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Friday, January 7, 2011

UB40 CONCERT IN ISTANBUL 216'DA matinee on January 22

"Red Red Wine", "Can not Help Falling In Love", "Do not Break My Heart," the unforgettable classics such as the millions of fans all over the world, 24 studio album for more than 60 million from sales of the world-famous singer Ali UB40'nin Campbell and his band meet their fans in Turkey, after many years again.

January 22 Saturday night is the center of the Anatolian side of Istanbul's most popular matinee performance will take place with the organization 216'da UNILIFE Do not miss this great meeting.

Prices starting from £ 67 a limited number of tickets Biletix ... Door Opening hours 22:00, 23:30 Concert

UB40 group name, it was established in the UK Government's Business and Employment Agency has taken the title of the Unemployment Benefit Claim Form (UB 40: Unemployment Benefit, Form 40)
The first instruments based on years of high school friendship group members, the group's lead singer Ali Campbell's involvement in the 4000 pound fines after a bar fight has taken.

The band's first album "Signing Off" 6 September 1980, published just a month after the UK Music charts by entering the charts for 72 weeks and had reached 2.sıraya. The name of the album "Signing Off", that is all members of the group after the album market sürüldükten they give up because of unemployment assistance.

Despite the great success of the group in the UK, but the popularity of America in 1983 and covers parts of the market driven, "Labor of Love" album, then formed. The album, in the UK charts and number 1 on the Billboard Top 200 list of America sits on number 8. Memorable part of the group's "Red Red Wine" (originally owned by Neil Diamond), this album is.

If all the world's most successful out of the group with an Elvis Presley ballad'ı "I can not help falling in love with you" has become part of their coverla. Sliver, starring Sharon Stone movie soundtrack music charts to number 1 in Europe and America sits on the track.

Ali Campbell

The world-renowned group UB40, Ali Campbell, lead singer of the UK's most exclusive and well-known seslerindendir.

All over the world for more than 60 million albums sold worldwide, sitting in No. 1 singles and 24 studio album, has gained an international reputation and success.

A generation, "One In Ten", "Red Red Wine", "Do not Break My Heart" and "Can not Help Falling In Love" as addictive classics Ali Campbell grew up listening to vocals.

United Kingdom music charts in October 2007 issued a solo album in the Top 10 View this album has earned gold-record award.

In January 2008, his band UB40 after 28 years with the group parted ways due to disagreements with management have fallen. Separation of Ali's group, with keyboard player Mickey Virtue'nin UB40'nin followed by separation. Mickey Virtue is currently a member of Ali's new group. Ali and his group during the past 18 months, from Australia to England from Africa to Europe turlamıştır the whole world.

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