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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Turkish men can not be any time

28 years living in France Euphrates Steel, Tempo'daki interview "never a Turkish man can not be said that:

"Parisian'd rather be out of the screen. For example, my girlfriend never meddle giyerse mini-skirt. Do not have his freedom and the mind? "

Never a Turkish man can not be

Not a year in Istanbul, that is still "full of a Parisian." Bought from France, lived 28 years in Turkey, Turkish men, relationships, Fatmagül'e rape scene "bizarre" results of the two Germanys. Most are surprised. When it comes to him; Euphrates Steel, can be summarized in one word: a perfectionist. Each step is keeping under control and very tiring. But it leaves karşısındakine güvenince ropes, show the real face. Steel, Tempo magazine said.

One life changed ...

- Thierry Harcourt. A Parisian theater director. We met I was 21, she 45 We lived in the same neighborhood in Paris. At that time, the new theater was beginning to get an education, but not like at all.


- Students do not like the feeling. The need to go to a place, giving directives to you teachers ... In addition, the class I was feeling old, everyone younger than me.

Well, let's go Harcourt ...

- Then one day I met Thierry'yle. Come to my side, "there is a my game, play it on there. Eğiteceğim you, "he said. We started like this, it really has taught me. Psychoanalysis as a process. 1.5 years dealt with me, two hours each day. Acting without understanding the need to understand before I noticed. Travmalarımı a man I do not know, private life, kıskançlıklarımı, happy times told. And only then, then realized what it means to the theater and acting.

The connection between the two is exactly what?

- Hamlet put it in front of a man who discovered himself, "Let's play" you say, does not work from there. Acting, a process relevant to his discovery of human identity. Think of yourself as an instrument, learn to play the very best that is a difficult track, giving the right to çalabilesin. In this profession, not playing the role of the front, about canlandırmakla. Personality, a sense of role-satıyorsun. He packed his suitcase open and, in looking at what '. It believes the person to make you, yediriyorsun role. To revive an angry man, should recognize his own anger.


Did France, Turkey and is interested in?
- Not interested. My mother and father Turks. Sometimes I spoke Turkish at home, but anlamazdım. As for the Turkish language I learned here.

Now are you interested in?

- For those deeply affected. There are very large and fundamental problems in Turkey. But I'm the only one, I can do nothing more.

But even if you've played here mantaliteden series is affected. For example, in a newspaper article about Fatmagül'ün inflatable doll, "or rape meat, yacht or take your bosom," he was given. This alone does not explain many problems?
- This type of effort to understand things. Europe does not take anyone's mind in such a title. Or the market, "Fatmagül underwear" to sell. The series tells the true story. Do not have Fatmagül thousands in this country? Moreover, rape scenes were very soft. Women cry, the cry and the pain's there. I get up and he çıkarabiliyorlarsa çığlıktan fantasy material, but he mantalitenindir crime series. For those who bother following them or their children at izlettirmemek an option. Already nine-year-old boy watching the series why?

How do I change the mindset?

- To give sex education in schools is very important. 12 year old children in schools in Europe, the anatomy of women and men, learn to sexuality. It understands itself as well as the opposite sex. As for the eye in 18 women would be more healthy. Talk on the woman, can work, can be pulled over a nice time, he or she is an individual moments more comfortable.


"Does the limit of art?" How do you look at the issue?
- I would not limit art, but art is not at all.

Thanksgiving Moral'ın, seviştiği performance of a woman on which side?
- A gallery of people live in the face of two women sevişmesi, fill the inside of the concept of art. Because what does it do? Cc, what gives? What does he mean? Nevertheless, I'm a spectator, I would not be bothered to watch.

What do you think about Turkish women?
- Turkish women, many desserts, but are forced to wear a mask. Print up to live in not a ridiculous event.

Three girls have a brother. What kind of growth among women has pros?
- There are two sister and a sister; troubles, the pain of love, their reactions, I know the expectations. I love women. To put her sister in front me, I can understand better what you want.

How about that Turkish men?

- A Turkish man, I can not think of any time, but başarabiliyorum on the screen. But sometimes you have to be angry, it is very European nerve. Director cuts, "Turkish men get angry like that," he says. Then we hit the break, starting to cry. Mustafa's family had recently farewell scene. I held my mother hugged. Now, "Cut" came the voice directors. "Son, what are you doing? Here, it vedalaşılmaz mother, kissin his hand, "he said. Parisian Display'd rather be outside. For example, mini-skirt giyerse girlfriend, never interfere if the night out with friends. Do not have her freedom and sanity?

KARIŞAMAM to wear to my girl MINI SKIRT

A cultural belonging, of having got his obsession. These are its expression.
- Yes, but I'm in love with, I know that it does not belong to me, and I do not belong to him. I look at the two of us are living in a relationship.

Do you have a lover?
- None. But I have a lot in the press. I open the newspaper, "Wow! Güzelmiş new girlfriend, "I say. A week later, another newspaper, decides to end my relationship. "Ooh! I'm single again, great "I say. They are decisions about my life is private.

Do you Twitter? Is Peace?
- Excitement. Death can come at any moment, and this thought gives me a joy of life. But women also need to give a little peace. A woman and a man can change everything, but can balance a woman.

Acting is exciting enough?
- Gives me a great thrill. But one day I could lose this feeling. Then the leaves start to do another job. Direction or try to sell flowers.

In other words, life is not acting as a profession do you see?
- Exactly. This is a profession now mahvolursun forgot. The artists will be severely depressed. This is a masochistic business. Because you're not alone creates sanrısını good, but it reminds us very badly.


Earn more money Avrupa'dakiler, here are?
- People here. But never mind the money, everyone's mood crashes. Haldeyken money, what will you do that? But so tired of people, I'm amazed that so much good work to issue. I mean, even if better conditions are created miracles in this country.

How anlaşıyorsunuz more comfortable with people?
- How is the energy of a person, determines the fate of almost all of our relationships. If I get a bad energy, direct kapanıyorum. Women, too. I see a man in front me all the energy I get from there. He shares easy-to post-confident, had met with me for being famous, my eyes did muscleI complacent, Do not need to study them.

Energy, after the benchmark of beauty?
- Beauty to a point. Very nice girl, even if you open your mouth feel bored two minutes after the event is over.

GOOD LIFE upset us all

Are you afraid of getting old?
- No, because the acting is a profession available to aging, especially for men. But I want to grow old with happy, I'm trying for it. Because life is indeed very sad. The biggest fear that my mother, my father to lose. I see my mother's hands, getting there. incredible fear. It's that the pain will ever be certain that a great, happy to live up to that date as possible. Life is already very upset you, go and drink a vodka dağıtamayacağın your head so much upset.

Upside down is a term that you were looking for?
- 28 of age,. Last year, I mean. Comfort over 20s, 30s began to stress. Resetledim myself. See now I know: how to live, but you decide not to come to the world.

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