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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Trabzon 'magnificent Century Response!

Ataturk Trabzon Municipality Area Youth Council came together, and among them approximately 70 people, including members of the group, shouting slogans against the television channel broadcasts the sequence reactions was expressed. Suleiman the Magnificent defamation claiming the series was taken in the young, 'could not stay silent', 'Great mazimiz not be trampled on, 'and 'Asim generation çiğnetmeyecek honor' press release was written with banners.
Speaking on behalf of the Group Deputy Chairman Salih Battalbaş Trabzon Municipality Youth Council, said that the channel and the series has exceeded his limits. Battalbaş, 'ancestors would like to degrade and humiliate. It could not stay silent. This call is no longer disgrace. These sequences would be removed as soon as publication 'he said. Description, then the group broke up without incident.

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