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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Toll card Rooster Off

Stage actors standing in the first game of the lens acclaim in Nuremberg, or can not find in the audience, sat down on cushions.

Stage actors operating in the city of Nuremberg, Germany Lens, Lens Culture Center of their own room in the new game of the year sahneledikleri Card HORIZON been kept showered with applause.

Abdul Gümrükçü decor, lighting and the effect of the two-act comedy written by Yesari'nin Mahmut Yılmaz Sezer has a role in his Ertugrul Karakaya, Cihan city, Kursat Sarikaya, Sinem Ekinci, Nesrin lazy, and Murat Cakir Ovant Spring break had the audience laughing.

Where we sat

Ugur Kocer Cultural Center President of the lens due to interest shown in the game the whole hall full of 250 people who can not find sitting in the place to express, our people are very happy because of the love he shows to art. Stage Lens Kalsınö youth team game on January 16 we will exhibit Femininity

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