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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Today love so bored

Author: Stockton Fire Aytuğ
Genre: Children
Release Date: December 24, 2010
Publisher: Hayy
Language: Turkish
Number of Pages: 103
Stockton Fire Aytuğ first book, 'Today Kuracaktım'da Dream, created by the' Original 'is a character on Saturday told his funny and exciting adventure. Neonatology, and now the 'love very bored today called ' new book, Asli parallel on the same day when a classmate tells Aret'in eyes. "seems like an ordinary dreamer, but mischievous Aret apartment is full of surprises on this day, beating all but the tiles are ummadığı defeats. Aslı'ya looked at his hand and leg encircling Aret excited, let's look at preparing for the birthday invitations" real owners "Did hecould do? correspond find your loveDid he? "Aytuğ child readers, by establishing a very ordinary and realistic atmosphere that we all can live in the neighborhood ordinary, mundane entertains in a day. Solidarity on the one hand, to understand each other, tolerance and boring routine of daily life; sakarlıklar other hand, misfortunes, bad coincidences, dreams, disappointments ... The author takes this binary entertained and laugh a material. Fonda, again as in the first book in Armenian and Turkish cultures are living together happily. 'Today, love too bored', Hayy was the Book.

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