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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Taking a job 23 ATV part Christmas Special Video - Watch Series

There were SO Bingo!
Taking a breath cut off at Christmas. Have never been seen so far, funny and thrilling the audience waiting for a bingo game.
Haluk Christmas lotto loses, "I love you Karıcığım" I will give ad ... Mary loses the remote control for a year will be Haluk'un! Let's see, a party who will be laughing?
"CHILDREN HEAR" (New Episode)
Loved series of comic Duymasın'ın Children, as well as part of Christmas is full of surprises Friday December 31 at 20:00 will be the ATV screens ...
23.Bölüm Summary:
Everyone makes colorful New Year's plans. But the upside is developing plans for Christmas events Meltem with Haluk. New year, Haluk and Mary alone with their children who dream of entering a new year would have to spend.
Everyone is crazy out there having fun, Haluk and Mary enjoy a nostalgic celebration of Christmas begins to remove. Decided to play bingo, the pair expects a thrilling final. Tombala'nın live discussion about the award. For a long time, her husband 'I love you' complain dememesinden loses lotto gelir.Haluk Meltem's a brilliant idea, a giant advertising board, "I love you Mary" will have to print. Mary loses the remote control for a year, will Haluk'un ...
Unprecedented, exciting, funny and romantic, played in a bingo starts. Is not known who would be laughing at the end of party.

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