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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Swine flu, bringing the power

Influenza vaccination of swine flu virus, the spread of mutated species which can neutralize a matter of time. A research team in England, was commissioned to examine virus


Instruction of the British government created the research team to investigate the risk of spreading pork giribinin again swine flu of the H1N1 virus causing mutations might make ineffective vaccines had been developed and explained. However, this finding is the ongoing work of the vaccine and Tamiflu ilacıyla stopped a stressed does not mean the treatment will end.


Scientist team is working by examining DNA samples of hundreds of people caught the disease so far. Recently, the most common swine flu in Egypt, killing 56 people here last year when 45 people lost their lives in the UK since October. Turkey says there is risk of interference is the last wave of swine flu.

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