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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

'Style is a non-artist'

Robert Mika, one of the most important figures in the art of engraving

Robert important figure in the art of engraving, Mika was born and grew up Küçükçekmece 'Engravings' exhibition by returning. Engraving of a very personal style, and from there to the language of force to pull the seven new flavors of Paradise exhibition of Mika's Culture and Arts Center will continue until January 10.

■ Philosophy etching studies on the half to leave Yugoslavia, Italy, after studying how the settlement period will develop?
Wanted it, but did not enter the fine arts, philosophy, entered. Turkey's political philosophy while still a very turbulent period of pre-1980. As for September 12 had forced to flee abroad. There was a place I can go further, as we Kosovalıyız origin and again I went back there. Suddenly, in front of me opened a broad spectrum of university selection. Academy came to my mind again, this time I chose the graphics part. When selecting a part of something like money in Turkey, I thought the graphics. In fact the Eastern Block countries, graphic, gravure printing sanatıymış. Also was a bit accidental, but I liked. Engraving is an art technique I have decided I can express myself. Then I passed the 2nd Sarajevo year. Teachers and very good at the world-wide. Then there are specialized on and now I get to know my wife went to Rome.

■ You also Küçükçekmecelisiniz. Do you have a special place in this sense in your exhibition?
Many have a special place in the exhibition. One of them was born, to go back somewhere as an artist, born and grew up in the second lived abroad for many years the places of the sea, lake, birds, I know I tried to explain the language of etching effects on the left. Attracts the attention of everyone and ask 'Why are so many birds or fish? "In fact, this question will be asked where you thought you were me. But if you really changed a lot of drawer, even when a town is now a residential area inhabited by 700-800 thousand people. The new generations are not aware of, and later settled here in the Çekmece'nin natural beauty. One of the following serious problems in Turkey, are a people of nomadic and do not have a place of belonging duygumuz. Much greater sense of belonging to Italians. Already we have lost because of lack of natural beauties and historical works into this feeling.

■ You have done exhibitions in Turkey earlier ...
Yes, the first exhibition Küçükçekmece'deki. In fact, all the central parts of the city's exhibition grounds, in general, and I did it there and exhibitions. But Turkey is a rapidly changing country, increasing the possibilities of the municipalities, have led to new areas of interest to merkezdekileri. Indeed, the exhibition grounds in the center of this kind is no more. Even without such an exhibition space in the exhibition in a small house would Küçükçekmece.

■ your exhibition birds, fish next to some other issues, such as themes, there were studies. Choose to further your reasons for this difference?
Dönemlerimden have different jobs but not the fact that I am an artist style. This is my choice and I do it on purpose. Because reaching a style or expression language to another, and from there to force the language of engraving I like to pull the new tastes. In fact, many different styles within the same days, same time zone do engraving. Engraving style all the same dish in a single yiyormuş feel like if I did.

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