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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Special Bakırçay Primary School, Sister School Visits

School district of Bergama, Izmir, organized by a private Bakırçay "Sister School" campaign began to bear fruit. Students and teachers verdi.Öğrencileri Derekoy Elementary School, funded by a variety of gifts by visiting Bakırçay İlköğretimliler, that they were happy with their jobs, schools, social projects like this that they said that since devamından. Such activities have played a leading role in specifying the objectives of the Special Bakırçay Primary School Manager Hakan Demir, students develop a sense of social responsibility, he said. Executive orders are aiming to establish a bridge of complacency about the students in village schools, will also visit primary schools in the coming days and Yeniköy Sağancı said.

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