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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

SINCERE THE CONFESSION Poor comment his wife

The last two years many changes in his life living in a marriage to be a mother Bergüzar Korel All magazine said. Endless series of songs from her husband away from him, he said.

The marriage is the son of 11-month Bergüzar Ergenç'le Korel, Urla captured 'Endless Şarkı'nın now moved to Istanbul said and added: I'm very happy. I lived with my son in Urla. My husband and me very upset separate sleeping

The last two years many changes in his life living in a marriage to be a mother Bergüzar Korel All magazine said. Korel player and 11-month son and his wife, said it was a very happy life. Here is a nice player told:

'Endless Song' How's it going?

Series continues, now moving into Istanbul. The story will be some changes. I already did not come to Istanbul ever since the series began. Ali'yle My son lived together in Urla. Khalid was also often go to ...

Have you ever lived in another place in Istanbul?

I have never known. So I am all alone I live everywhere, but very difficult Ali'yle. I feel myself against him insufficient time to alter its layout. So after returning to Istanbul to miss you so much and I'm happy here.

NO LONGER THAN beautiful

What changed in your life to be Mom?

I'm always very sensitive, emotional one was human, but after my son was no longer a part of me behind me, I know. So when I go to turn my back behind me, there is a human being in need. Setteyken ground or another job to do without thinking about anything anymore, or I forgot to drink a coffee. He has since been my life a lot more I laugh, I feel much better. Much more exciting to wake up in the morning. For example, we've been apart one day and the next day for the first time when I'll see it as my boo freaking buluşacakmışım.

Too weakened ...

I made a nice diet and zayıfladım. So "post-pregnancy weight can not say" I do not believe. I've really love eating as one of the more kilolarımı.

The series are playing a singer ... Do you sing in your son?

'Endless Song' starts to sing to her constantly. In fact, no matter how much alaturka, Ali crying in the car, opened up the songs in the array. Dalıyordu to sleep at a time. Now at making bath immediately say that the songs, cut out. Perhaps you remember that melody, that stops now.

TURKISH were shocked to touch

Çocuğusunuz a famous father and mother. Have you had positive or negative effects of career life of this situation?

No. For example, the simplest, first my business (Valley of the Wolves Iraq) even if people did not believe that I was Turkish. The difference is after my father (Tanju Korel) did not survive. Then I have a completely different way ', including Arabian nights and I was alone. My father was not someone who is already in this market too. Privileges in this life will allow me the structure was not a man. As for disadvantages, how well these work, I knew a lot about what yaşayabileceğimle for my age. Also have the advantage of coming from school, of course, but I have converted the advantage disadvantages.

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