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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sezen Aksu albums garnishment shock

Singer Sezen Aksu lien album was three. Here is the underlying cause of attachment of ...

The Secret Singer Sezen Aksu Title I, with the Dream Wedding and Funeral haczedildiği Gardens and the famous artist's albums, albums hacizli and damage due to the inability to copyright emerged.

Aksu haczedilmesi event on July 1, 1996 Little Sparrow album Raks's company signed a contract begins.
Artists would read the contract in accordance with the 3 piece band committed. Does not provide lists of songs by reading the definition Aksu has fulfilled its commitment. However, after a period of time from the point of sinking Raks's Universal Music, handed over the financial rights.
Copyrighted works can not
Music company Universal Music company's financial status, such as forcible entry Raks. Payment difficulties begin to withdraw the firm attachment of creditors began. Among the works performed Lien Aksu, "Name I stored, with the Dream Wedding and Funeral Gardens" also took part in a private album. On this occasion, some manufacturers began to release the album as a pirate. The works of famous artist's own copyright lawyer Aksu was unable to due to foreclosures, saying it was admitted to the court. The artist was asked to petition the case of termination of agreement with the company. The case of interest in the coming days.

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