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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rape scene of a memorable series lasted 8 hours

Sinead Öztufan Stage Rape forced a pretty memorable Array.

Batu series of memorable character portrayed by Mert Yavuzcan Melda'yı portrayed rape scene played by Sinead Öztufan'ın shooting lasted until morning.
Scene a comedy playing scene stating the profesyonellikleriyle played Yavuzcan "We need to act our Oyuncuyuz scenario what reads. the scenes as a comedy or right scenes giving another played said.
The film is directed by Ahmet Bayram Cem Tabak ATV's most popular love that series, "Unforgettable" this week, viewers per screen lock. Playing an evil character in the series that is causing the death of his father many years ago, Aaron's father Feyyaz'ı MertYavuzcan killed. Now, the sister of Aaron before then baldızı Nisa'ya Peter (Sinead Öztufan) was a rape.
Belgrade scene captured in a hut in the forests lasted approximately 8 hours. 22:00 o'clock in the evening at the series starting rape scene pulled the veteran director Cem Tabak. Speaking at the scene long before the players Plate, Yavuzcan Öztufan'a on stage and told us what they need to do. Already been the subject of the scene do not worry too exaggerated.

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