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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Quran came back stolen cargo Kerims

Sakirpasa Mosque of Malatya in 2002 and played in the borough of 3 Arapgir Quran manuscripts, imamına sent back to the mosque by thieves. Holy books for 8 years why they expect cargo thieves sent back to the topic of curiosity. Imam Mosque Sakirpasa Sedat Ozturk, cargo package sent to him on Jan. 7 in 2002 when the 117 years of stolen manuscripts and very glad he saw the Holy Qur'an said. Turgay Paburcu County mufti, the books stolen by the Ottoman period, Arapgirli Sakir Pasa Kerims handwritten Quran, he said. Sakir Pasa mosque in 1315 Hijri by sending back the books because they were happy to express vakfedilen Arapgir the Governor Ercan Turan, said that increase the number of measures for better protection of these works.

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