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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

'professional' players Skala'da

Benedict today's guests and competent Dikinciler'di Skala'nın Bulent Emin

Skala'nın was a guest on today's live broadcast, Bulent Emin Dikinciler Benefits and competent, 'professional' game, said. A literary man of the world-famous Serbian writer Kovaçevic'in Shower, a secretary and a black-comedy tells the story of the secret police are full of surprises 'professional' game, continues to play sold out.

Bulent Emin Player Utilities, Kovaçevic'in is an amazing writer, and since the game in a window opened in the past said that as it may seem.

Indicating that the text itself was inspired by the competent Dikinciler, the game is multi-layered structure and a political critique of the ruling, he said.

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