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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ozcan Deniz prison prompt shock

Indictment, the Prosecutor will shock the famous singer Özcan Deniz ...

His brother and his mother founded the company with £ 2 million through the market on trial for allegedly dolandırdığı Ozcan Deniz asked about the 21-year prison sentence. According to Sabah, Ercan Deniz, Özcan Deniz financial support and guidance of her brother, mother, 25 October 2005, showing an original shareholder in Kadriye Deniz Tourism took over the company.

Ercan Marine legal officer appointed as the company, the company's legal affairs of Nalan Güldü'ye given the full power of attorney was given authority to the executive. Allegedly the company, taking advantage of the reliability of public service transport sector, a large number of Ozcan Deniz won the tender. Color Petrol'a payments to creditors, the company alleged to disturb their money to make it impossible to receive bonus shares in the company, the insured employee Deniz Ercan Varol Ilgar'a, Kadriye Deniz Adam Zeren'e shares were transferred free of charge also.

28 September 2007, the original cost of meeting the ENT suspects Tourism Tourism founded cage. Nothing would get the original non-Ercan Deniz Turizm, the company took over the bills took Adam Zeren and Varol Ilgar'dan 500 thousand pounds. Bonds subject to immediate execution of the Ercan Sea, claims prevented the lien claims of third parties koydurarak. In the meantime, the company described as the invisible partner in the person of Ozcan Deniz of making payment, as well as 137 thousand 396 TL 126 thousand 600 TL in Sea Production's company was paying the illegal transfer of funds.

Employees can not get their pay, "because the company on behalf of the credit çekemiyoruz Payments. In your name we use credit distress Dodge," said the suspects, working on behalf of three banks in this way drew a total of 73 thousand pounds credit. Original Limited collusion and lien claims through Marine and Ozcan Deniz Ercan transferred to their accounts. It was alleged that the suspects in the market of 2 million pounds dolandırdığı. 6 suspects were asked a variety of fraud crimes indictment punished. Ozcan Deniz "crime of intermediary, qualified and abetting fraud," from 21, while his brother "to mediate in crime, abetting, the official document forgery and fraud chained qualified" definition envisages imprisonment up to 43 years, was admitted to the indictment.

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