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Monday, January 3, 2011

'Our relationship I do not want the conclusion of marriage! "

Burcu Esmersoy: I do not want to go to a marriage relationship is

'No Such Dance' contest performance, most recently the name of the Burcu Esmersoy Instyle'ın bahsettiren name was a guest in January. Esmersoy private life has made an interesting description:

* gives me a close friends, the cheerful reasonable manner, many yadırgamıyorlar me want to belly. Because the hub of many special nights while my colleague has seen me. I start to play a grinding of the door. Also I do not think that the human way of harm.

* I wish I could dance before olsaymış experience. Now I could be so much better.

* a short time, meet and marry a great hataymış. I think in time we met I was in emotional mood was very impressed. I think right now I think many thought at that time the situation remained unused. I thought it was the right man. But very little süreydi 4 months to get married. People recognize each other in place for years is coming. I also know it was not possible.

* The associate also Cem Alper'le I started knowing that the marriage was difficult. Easier and easier to carry out a relationship, I chose one. I do not want to go towards dealing marriage.

* I knew he was a very important relationship with respect, but now I started to give much more importance. Mutual sit down and discuss everything from the great joy. The first one and a half we lived together in our relationship. Now I'm living in my own home. Sometimes on weekends I stay to my girl. I think such a lot better.

Burcu Esmersoy'un stunning descriptions and photos of Instyle magazine.

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