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Friday, January 7, 2011

Nihat Doğan "4 MEN WOMEN 1" on the TV program WHITE

Nihat Dogan songs dominated the discourse on the agenda, "White TV" as well.

Sunday evenings at 22:00 4 Female 1 Male White TV program broadcast live ekranlarınca moderator's chair Nihat Dogan-seat evening of January 9, 2011. Nurit Atabay, Serpil Yilmaz, Hilal Kaplan and Sevilay Yükselir'in participated as a commentator as a moderator of a live program of 4 Female 1 Male Nihat Dogan prepared for publication in the program itself will determine the issues discussed.
Kamer Genç, Burhan Kuzu, Kenan Isik, Nuri Elibol, Aslantuğ Mehmet Ali Agaoglu, Reha Muhtar, famous names such as The Secret of the moderator's chair sat Don January 9, 2011 Sunday night the program will come up as a moderator of the section will be preparing a discussion of the Nihat Doğan will mark the topics on the agenda.

Nihat Dogan modaretörlüğünde "4 KADIN1 Men, " January 9, 2011 Sunday night at 22:00 on the TV live broadcast WHITE

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