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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nesrin, Cypress, Pusat Pusu'da Valley

's Valley event! 'Pusu'nun tomorrow evening, in the Valley of the Wolves, six years before returning to a character array allocated.

Oktay Kaynarca'nın portrayal 'Suleyman Cakir, Silk Tenolcay'ın played' the son of Nesrin Çakır'dan 'Pusat' will be released as a young man in front of the audience.

We're glad to play

'Pusat', in 2005 after the murder of his father's mother 'Nesrin' older sister 'Cypress' and grandparents 'Laz Ziya' had begun to live with. His grandfather was killed in 'Polat Alemdar' sent abroad by. 'Göran Gladstone Pusat'ı series to portray a young player.
Necati Invariably, Gürkan Uygur and starring Kenan Çoban'ın 'Pusu'ya Valley section of the directory, published before the last six years, we watch as a little boy' Pusat 'character coming back. Oktay Kaynarca'nın portrayal 'the son of Suleyman Cakir' Pusat ', will appear as a young man. 'Pusat'ı actor to portray Gladys Göran.
Went abroad
'Pusat', 2005, published in the 'Valley of Wolves, after the murder of his father's mother' Nesrin 'older sister' Cypress' and grandparents played Betil'in Prompt 'Laz Ziya' had begun to live with. Then 'Polat Alemdar' (Necati Sasmaz), 'Pusat'ı sent abroad to study. Finally, the mother, 'Nesrin' and sister 'Selvi next to her was gone. '
Pusat'a what happened?
Meanwhile, chief characters, the series' events in Turkey also had been the death of Suleyman Cakir. Array funeral prayer for him, even kıldırmıştı fanatics. Several years passed, fans of the series of forums on the Internet 'Çakır son' Pusat'a what it is, looking back, I always wondered gone. Now, the course of the series' return Pusat'ın will change completely.

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