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Friday, January 7, 2011

'my son izlettirmiyorum array'

'Pass Time That It Is not So' series' Ali Kaptan Erkan Petekkaya Tatlıses'te Radio the previous day 'Figen Civan'la Red Carpet' program was a guest. Outstanding descriptions of the Facebook Petekkaya, published last week, especially in chapter 'Osman confessed to his mother impressed by the scene.

"Call me before the series Yavuz Abi (Bingham) is gone. But why did not accept the proposal do not know. Then the script came to me, I found very striking. We are sent to the player on the market only 3 episodes. I came to my hand 16 episodes. So I moved because I think I played up to this time roldü all the roles reverse. The audience had never seen me like this. Then, I accepted. "

"When I read the script, I guess the series could come to this. But I never thought there'd be in chapter 2. We have received the most recent rating of 24.5. That is an incredible thing. Very successful working with a staff. Young friends all very talented. Their hearts, hearts that so clean. I see my children their own children, so the array. All good children of the family. "

"I started this work behind the camera. On me sitting in this role, he adheres to a no fear. Because I did different jobs throughout my professional career. I started this business şakasıyla camera. Shame morning to say I was not even sugar. It enjoyed. 70 one live broadcast I did. Then the Mirror Tahir, Serseri'de, White Poppy, and I played Köpek'te. Tomorrow also visualize a thief. In fact, the only dream is to play a bank robber. "

"Arrays with a very long time. 90, 100 minutes, what does this mean? Really get tired as a player. But the set of attracting workers ceremeyi. 9'daysa my set I'm there at 9. But they are set to prepare it for the 6, 7 'as they come. yatmışlar you already have a 3 night before. on them for an hour with my dress, my friend from the very set of worker there. Our faces fall after an hour. morning, 3 o'clock the next day on the set was still trying to come at 9. He suratınızdaki worn paint , energy is falling. You can not not. "

"Can my son took her to the set twice. Izlettirmiyorum View. I just see the trailers. My child so I do not want to watch. Because so affected. 2 years ago, I looked at looks sad sad sad. 'What's wrong with my son' I asked." Daddy your other abdominal and have children 'he said. I took the set. behold, you have cartoons or characters they like me. In them a role in my friends. I they cat the mouse, the mouse, I squirrel them,' I said. Now that you know the player. "

"Mete a very talented kid. Normal life Mete had a son by the arm, such as a doctor would take hold. But such a babaysam I would go to a doctor. This boy that I was brought up why he would go to a doctor with me. With the hospital used to be down."

"My mother got on the stage very impressed with Osman. I even 'Ali was angry. The pain in this world like him, but there are cruel parents."

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