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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The most ridiculous of five science fiction film

NASA so far taken the 'most stupid' movies have chosen ...

U.S. Space and Aeronautics Administration (NASA), the most ridiculous films listed so far taken. NASA chooses the list, Times' Pardon Judgement you say? " gave the title.

Star newspaper reports that, "NASA, Science, and Entertainment Exports 'first order of the list called Roland Emmerich's '2012' have kaptırmadı anyone. Citing the construction of the Mayan calendar 2009 end of the world for the film 'The most stupid piece of the scenario' description of asteroid part of the institution's president, Donald Yeomans, passed the following comments:

"2012 NASA stole your time. Advertisement anxious following of thousands of people were forced to answer questions. Not enough of a panic attack, who had also established a special website. In this sense, NASA's badly injured in Hollywood. Once it starts at the beginning of the film's absurdity. A meteor NASA to come into the world at hide it from everyone. Our institution outside of space and many have very good equipment to have tens of thousands astronomer. But what about what about the Mayan calendar? Calendar myth is not something else. girmemekte for Disasters have no chain. Because the physics of events in this section, the rules of logic and nature contrary. "

Arguably the most ridiculous of all time, said NASA's 2012 film, starring Bruce Willis starring watching Armageddon. The film set out to prevent an asteroid hitting the earth is completely illogical adventures sondajcının saying that the NASA, to Armageddon "But it can not compete even 2012'yle" phrase.

NASA's list, 3 Arnold Schwarzenegger played a leading role during the construction of 2000 '6 th Day 'is watching. The film is a helicopter pilot, was taking place by a copy of your own life, this copy is at home to have spent time with his wife and children is about the struggle of starting öğrenmesiyle.

NASA's Gattaca and Jurassic Park films of Steven Spielberg's Hollywood's famous science-fiction scenarios, the master of realism, albeit a small amount is hosting explained. Contact the construction of the Metropolis in 1997 and 1927 the construction of NASA's films were among the finds commendable. NASA, the Jurassic Park days "genetic power of the planet is the greatest force ever witnessed," he has found reasonable.

NASA's Top 5
2012 (John Cusack and Thandie Newton)
Armageddon (Bruce Willis)
The 6th Day (Arnold Schwarzenegger)
Volcano (Tommy Lee Jones and Don Cheadle)
Chain Reaction (Rachel Weisz)

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