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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Milonga: Tango Night Special

Tango, tango waltz and milonga ... Milonga women, beauty, love ... Tanda, Cortina, cabece ....

"They turned into Kafka's beetle, no crying and did not look thin weak legs and thick shells.

"Through the power of Milonga'nın refreshing change into ruin their bodies, souls change into shades of gray, cold, survived. Milonga Women leading radiant skin as white lilies, buds hidden flame of passion-red lips, bright eyes like stars have regained.

"In Argentina, Turkey and many other countries, a struggle for women was exemplary. Ezik bodies and souls rise from there to hold on and struggle for life. Who knows?"

"Who knows," the question of the introduction of a book. Milonga in response to the book Women, a professor of sociology Nilufer Narli "freedoms and rights usurped the authority and the fire dance in the darkness with the light of those who" wrote the novel. *
Reverse the flow of time

Tango, Tango Vals and Milonga ... Classic tango music ... Milonga and the type of music, as well as "Tango Nights" of the name.

Milongas usually starts late, until the early hours of the morning continues. When the flow reversed, there is a completely different life there.

To understand the language of tango dancers signed a specific code to pass a good education, you need to work in this dance.

This special night, or selected, the DJ. 'S orchestra, band or live music is playing, select parts.
Tanda same match

Usually in groups of four or five pieces of music played. "Tanda" the name given to these groups are generally the same pieces of music for the year consists of the works of the same orchestra or bestekara.

Thus, they choose the same style and couples are brought together in the works, "Tanda" knowingly Larda style dancing to the next track.

Between the two Tanda, different parts of tango, fifteen and twenty-second sections of the track has played empty. This is called cortina together. Usually one partner does not change during Tanda, you can still rely on five tracks to dance the dance track, prompted at least three "rules" ...

Dance partners must be each other teşekkürüyle expires. Thanks to Cortina couples change partners for the next Tanda imlanı finds.

Eye is invited to dance with the theme, you name it .... the cabece
No talking

Silence is essential for dance music to share. No talking.

Tango dance floor in the direction of flow just like all the double danslardaki. In concrete terms, he put the runway collision course with each other dance couples in the abstract rule, while dancing in order to stop the "counterclockwise direction" in the form of watching.

A couple who decided to dance, dance focus to not interfere with other couples, is expected to be included in the track by finding an empty space.

Couples dancing on the floor between the follow-up from the farm has at least one.

For not more than one runway in front of a couple of other couples are dancing to stop. That is a part of everyday life on the dance floor at the traffic rules, remains valid.
Dance, have fun!

So, I guess Milonga Women's "real beauty, and love the novel." **

* Milonga Women, Nilufer Narli, The Free Press
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