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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Love meeting in Cyprus

Seray Sever, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, claimed that Hussein was his love Özgürgün'le

Kenan Erçetingöz, 'hand in hand eye to eye with the duo's New Year's Eve in Cyprus, followed by Ajda Pekkan and Tarkan wrote. Shepherd said 46-year-old minister Özgürgün'le night talking, "a ortamdı Very distant, " he said.

Celebrity server, player and producer, Seray Sever, the TRNC Foreign BakanıHüseyin Ozgurgun love with a handsome allegedly lived. at Kenan Erçetingöz, Shepherd and Özgürgün'ün hand in hand eye to eye with New Year's Eve revel in a hotel in Cyprus, Ajda Pekkan and Joe wrote a concert to follow. Allegedly, the pair made the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ankara to book a place. New Year's Eve with Ozgurgun Shepherd confirming that, if a relationship between them as thought these words were: "He talked with Mr Smith that night. Were there at the invitation of the Journal of Politics. Ortamdı quite a distance. "

SPORTS BASED and handsome
Ozgurgun 46-year-old Hussein, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the TRNC since 2009. Ankara University Political Sciences of the Ozgurgun Fakültesimezunu, the TRNC national football sporcularından atletizmve. Ozgurgun Yakışıklılığıyla known, the agenda was the same plate with the car to the Jaguar veMercedes.

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