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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

LESS VEHICLE unable to pay Taxes

Motor Vehicle Tax payers can pay the tax discount on the value of the vehicle's insurance.

Motor Vehicles first installment of tax 'payment period began today.

Sukru Kizilot author of Freedom, Motor Vehicle Tax payment is less than the corner of the readers on the path to shared today. Here is the pen of Kızılot'un way to discount the tax payment:

Interest to the owner of about 14 million vehicles, "Motor Vehicle Tax Tariff of 2011" were announced.

Of 2011, Motor Vehicles Tax, a tax on the previous year "re-valuation ratio" was determined by increasing the rate of 7.7 percent. In other words, 2011 yılıda zamlandı 7.7 percent Motor Vehicle Tax.


- Cars, motorcycles, jeeps and minibuses with tax, vehicle age and engine cylinder volume is calculated by looking.

- Otomobi and chips £ 48 minimum tax in 2011, the highest was 15 thousand 820 TL.

- Trucks and vans tax, vehicle weight and is determined by age. This tax year 2011 vehicles, the lowest £ 155, the highest of 2 thousand 369 TL.

- The number of seats in the buses and the age is determined by the tax. The low tax £ 346 buses in 2011, the highest of 2 thousand 105 TL.


"Who would not?" I seem to hear. Cars and jeeps taxes each year about 7.5 million citizens are concerned and to change, readers of that year, Motor Vehicle Tax (MTV) and the amount of "discounted tax advantage" ask and we will explain each year.


Tax 'of 2011, the first installment of Motor Vehicles, to be paid until the end of January. Your tax payment, the "pay less tax" is useful to know the advantage.

Briefly summarize

1 - Automobile or chip, calculate 5 percent of the value of automobile insurance.

2 - The column that appears in the table, with the kıyaslıyorsunuz tax.

3 - landing and MTV, is below 5 per cent of the value of insurance, we do nothing. MTV is scheduled to pay.

4 - MTV amount is more than 5 percent of the value of automobile insurance, you pay tax on a lower tier. (More than 5 percent of the value of insurance at a lower level of tax for the second stage, disembark at the bottom).


MTV to take advantage of discounted tariffs in -2011, organized by the authorized insurance agents 'notification form' must be submitted with the tax office. Not included in the application, benefit from this advantage.

-Tool, automobile insurance yaptırmayanlar the 'MTV reduction' benefit from the application.

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