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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"LEAF BREAKDOWN of " She writhed Producer, "Trabzon TRAIN conscious"

Catay Carter, "Zeitgeist" of whether the claimed error finalindeki train scene.

"Zeitgeist" of the final section of the "Train Scandal" is still in languages. Series of characters that were taking the ticket to go by train, railway, even non-Trabzon.

This error appeared very soon.

However, the series producer, Carter Catay it is not an error, was done on purpose claimed. Catay, Trabzon, knowing that lifting the train and claimed that this project was carried out TCDD'yle common.

Catay, "We know we are also in Trabzon, the railway is not like everyone else. However, the final section of the directory before we met Director General of TCDD, Suleyman Karaman, Trabzon to build rail projects and is reported to us on this issue wants to raise awareness of the society. The train on the screenplay to Trabzon added to the scene going. In other words, everyone was talking about this scene is not an error, a movement that consciously made. "he said.

At this point, the following questions come to mind.

This can not be specified if it was a planned initiative jenerikte returned at the end of the series?

Why make this announcement today, instead of Carter Catay days did not reflect the news media?

If the "Zeitgeist" why it wants to be done to Trabzon rail "campaign" did not like?

In summary, this description of Carter Çatay'ın some "bending" it smells.

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