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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Last year's winner!

Let us mention ado, star of Stieg Larsson Millennium Trilogy two books in the world of the book of 2010: Dragon Tattooed Girl, Girl Playing with fire. This is a successful detective series, the Swedish author and the woman's death from a heart attack 50 years with the emergence of the secret behind the legend, transformed into heroes in the world had sold close to 50 million. The two books, has been pressuring Turkey on the printing, the first month of sales reached a total of 150 thousand. Moreover, blogs and comments, it seems, fans range from small to large, türbanlıdan rocker'a stretches.

In the meantime, let us say that the secret: allegedly oppressed, raped, stories of women who are unhappy about the author of three 15 year old friend had witnessed them to rape a young girl, doing nothing to stop the punishment for the life of conscience caught. What immediately comes to mind is not Fatmagül'ün Crime?

Turkey of course, do not correspond with the world about everything ... Jonathan Safran inmeyen the beginning of the list in the United States Foer'in, by The New York Times, "read the required books you die" shows the "Everything Illuminated" in 2010, unfortunately, has not done much work here. At the end of the year of the Nick Hornby "The Naked Juliet" in Martin Amis'in "Vision House," a novel by Paul Auster "Invisible" and Marc Levy, "All that to each other Söyleyemediğimiz Well," I also expect your interest.

However, as usual, a book of Paulo Coelho's "Brida", or have shown enough interest, thank you.

Let's leave aside the strangers. Tahsin Yücel domestic novel of the year if you ask me, "Last" of water. Yücel usual fine humor and usturuplu edebiyatıyla kotardığı novel hero, philosopher Selami Bey's 27 thousand-page, one printed and died 24 hours getting into the hands of a giant Serencam book. But more importantly, "Last," business, the world of fine art and the press have criticized.

Obviously, the list will put another native "literary" fiction does not come to my mind. Notorious writers publish the novel in 2011. Already for some time took the hearts of lovers around the invisible Murathan Mungan two poetry books, Orhan Pamuk, the "scenery plays," he continued kitaplaştırmayı ancient writings. Selina Forward, "This Lie" Tango in the romanticism ...

Tahir Musa Ceylan, on this occasion I have 2010 books "Fifty Years Later Ash," H Bıçakçı'nın "The Dark Room," Ibrahim Altun "Three Broken Heart" novels you can recommend.

ISTANBUL 2010 Memory of
Ahmet Ümit, "Sound of Istanbul" novel, knowing that I got to this section. Starting in 2009 in Istanbul because he was the favorite of the books furyasının 2010 reflections entering the lists. Istanbul, European Capital of Culture 2010 have probably worked most publishers. Almost every day in 2010 was a San Francisco book. In the meantime, the city of valuable micro-history studies, published in photo albums.

Now publishers have learned to ride on the waves. 30th of 2010 at a concept the past year was the September 12 coup. In those years suffering, unknown facts, interview the books of the moment and once again came to our agenda, was also good. In another blow, the 50th May 27 On the occasion of the year hailed by publishers. Minutes of the Council of Ministers published for the first time period (NPM) and the putschists memories, historical documents, took place between.

Historical novels and biographies and 2000s was the beginning of this trend takes gözdemiz. Turkey, the heroes of history, the mistakes, re-learn the truths. Of course, Alexander, owner of 2010 hit this area Pala'nın "Shah & Sultan ıydı; book called Alevi initiative as long as it is released later in the year equivalent to have fallen much discussed and has sold more than 150 thousand. I followed the Silk Calislar "Halide Edip: Biography are beyond women" in spite of the 40 thousand figures had spoken again, too.

"Those Crazy Turks" who le Turgut Özakman big splash in 2010 "Republican - Turkish Miracle" has released the second book. Book 1923-38 describes the events between. "Hrant" describes the intellectual is no longer a living. The most dramatic biography of the year to say that this book Tuba Çandar. Can Dündar biographical novel written by the most romantic of the Year "Lüsyen" di; book his love of the great poet Ms deşiyordu Lüsyen Abdülhak Hamid. Emel Koç biography was the most significant: the most important political figures of the Turkish left Behice Boran describing "Behice."

But if you ask me he was the biography of the year, you wrote the German historian Klaus Kreiser'in "Lincoln" will give the name of the book. But little has been overlooked, a work interesting.

Orion's old Eskisehir Police Chief Hanafi "Living in the Golden Horn Simonlar" I put the book between the phenomena of the year. It was a book that, even kontralarını gave birth to their multi-selling beyond the immediate.

I think this kind of intelligence will increase further in 2011, the number of books because it divides the country especially in the Ergenekon trials later discovered the role played by the books. Be prepared for long names Tutuklulukları future books.

Prime Minister Erdogan this week, has been declared the year 2011 by Mehmet Akif said. Studies on şairiyle Anthem and one by one, will be published next year. Of course, the 40th March 12 memorandum days of the year corresponding to the new memories, documents will be released in the light of day.

The studies of political scientists and sociologists will probably real exciting. In June 2011 general elections before and after the electoral behavior of political communication in many scientific works, "slander and praise" books will appear together.

In 2009 about 31 thousand kinds of Turkey (title) was published in the book. The data says that in 2010 this number will not change much.

However, a recent World Association of Publishers, 2018 world synchronized turnover of the printed book and wrote an e-book. Publishers who want to keep pace with this important development in April, led by Idefix created an e-book platform. These initiatives and the increase in the number of authors in 2011 published the book just be prepared for the web.

Let us conclude our letter invoke the year's most seminal book. Umberto Eco and the friend is coming: "Kurtulabileceğinizi not think the books."

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