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Monday, January 10, 2011

Kayseri stove disaster

Yahyalı Kayseri district, parents and the stove leaked carbon monoxide gas poisoning kills 3 children.

Street children in the family sitting Kömürcü District Centenary Ayse Karagoz and Rabia gitmeyince school, teachers suspected the situation. The teachers and the police to report it to the neighbors on the gate of the house was opened.

At home, mother Gulseren Karagoz (30) with the children, Ayse (10), Rabia (9) and the Ecrin Sema Karagöz (2) was found lifeless bodies. Gas stove leaked carbon monoxide poisoning were children with the mother died.

Funerals, Autopsy Yahyalı about to be removed from the State Hospital Morgu'na. Karagoz family, neighbors, and the news from home by relatives had a nervous breakdown.

Mehmet Karagöz father worked in Russia and those on the other hand there was no news yet. Launched an investigation into the incident.

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