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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kara Fatma

Author: Gonca Akay Diamond
Genre: Novel
Release Date: December 20, 2010
Publisher: Alpha
Language: Turkish
Number of Pages: 330
Author Goncalves Diamond Akay, fought in War of Independence and the "Black Fatima, " Fatima Seher'in fronts last days of the so-called officer of the Turkish women living in post-war, "Black Fatima" were written novel. Akay, shares the following about his book on the back cover: "This is starting to write the story of heroism hands trembled. A big hero or write properly, you remove the pages of dusty history, it was not easy to meet. war years caused by inadequate even though frightened me yıldırmadı archive. Because the Turkish Literature of Liberation Is a novel about the life of a female officer who fought in the Battle of mahrumdu. I did not write a history book. I put it to him instead of Fatma Seher özdeşleştirdim. This is my Facebook Seherim. benighted history, dillenmemiş pages I have written your own hero. The forgotten hero in my eyes a true heart, you I tried to convey. Fatma Seher alive again as a hero might like us deserved a fact that my share if I have the honor to it. Anlı glorious history, the first Turkish female officer with the rank fronts collided Fatma Seher Hanim, kahramanlıklarıyla left its mark on history. Izmit, Gemlik , parts of Ontario National Forces fighting in the military, his son and daughter who lives trench Fatma Seher Hanim, United Offensive received the rank of first lieutenant, after the war donated Kızılaya linked salary. "

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