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Monday, January 3, 2011

It Antalya!

A few days before the news of tourists entering the sea in Antalya, this scene scared

As a result of severe wind and rain starting tonight ANTALYA District of Phoenicia Mediterranean University, Vocational High School Girls' Dormitory with the basement floor of the house and workplace of a large number of flooded. Students who took refuge in her friends to leave the residence as a result of flooding.

Finike is effective in severe wind after midnight, at about 03:00 hours due to rain and hail Akdeniz University, Vocational High School for Female Students Yurdu'nun ground floor flooded. Panikleyen students took refuge on this side of residence by leaving his friends. Night full of students indicating yağışıyla uyandıklarını together, empty water from the roof and saw the building of water pressed to leave homeland, taking refuge in houses next to the fellow said.

Finike severe rainfall
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Phoenicia Fire brigade vehicles on the road during the night stranded in the Directorate and came to notice a large number of homes basanlardan water. Phoenician in a parking lot near the marina because of the landslide had buried three of the vehicle half. The water enters into many of the vehicle was parked. Governor Jennifer Görgülüarslan the county to wander at night, the authorities mobilized after the first designations.

County officials of Directorate of Meteorology, rainfall since the night the amount of 191.2 kilograms per square meter, he said. Morning hours will continue in effect until the rainfall during the day at specified intervals.

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