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Saturday, January 1, 2011

IGE: Gold prices will stay high, will import 50 tons of

Istanbul Gold Exchange (IGE) Chairman Osman Sarac, 42.38 tons in 2010, Turkey's gold imports, prices remain elevated in 2011, parallel to maintain the supply of scrap gold and jewelry demand continues to remain at low levels in anticipation of the realization of anticipated levels, said 50 tons of

According to the IAB, Turkey's gold imports in 2005 reached its highest level since 1995 with 269.5 tons. 192.7 tons of gold imports in 2006, 2007, 230.8 tons, 165.9 tons in 2008 occurred in 2009, fell to 37.6 tonnes.
Domestic demand for gold in gold production meets some of the notable Saddler, 2011, 20-30 tons of gold mine production is expected to being said.

"Ounce for $ 1,500 sees'
Market players expect gold prices to continue strong in 2011 stating that the course of Sarac, "A survey by Reuters, market analysts and fund managers expect improvement in the near future environment of the crisis in financial markets, interest rates to remain at low levels in predicting. Under these conditions, can deliver the bottom of the recent rise to record levels each day new people to take at least six months, prices are expected to rise to $ 1,500. In fact, predictions that prices will reach U.S. $ 1,650 are also available within a year, "he said.

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