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Friday, January 7, 2011

"I go to, they can Trillion"

Left Alone, Istanbul Ruj'da Gökcan Sanlıman'ı among newcomers to watch.

Great for the new album in the works says the island has moved Left Alone, "Musicians do it together for new productions. I do more good for the big island moved in the moving and emotional songs. I hope that an album is beautiful, " he said.

Much confidence in what is going to represent our country in Eurovision, the group says High Fidelity Left Alone, "High Fidelity group of friends. They are all very good musicians. I believe that would become successful. A good song will do, and our country will return successfully. they give me 1 trillion, but then you agree to Eurovision . It is a tiring process. Composition Competition for that I need to make a good composition. Regardless of the composition to be loved for many years more important than entering, "he said.

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