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Monday, January 10, 2011

I always had the most high, I'm down the bottom after the accident

Seda a successful national basketbolcuydu Tekindağ. Belediyespor'da playing Galatasaray and Besiktas Adana, Ceyhan. Died after a car accident, but basketball career is over. We talked with indifference suffering Tekindağ

Temennisinde will make a good life, I always imagined, but sometimes do not come upon us, many unwanted incident comes, everything suddenly turns on the contrary. 26-year-old's life is exactly like that Tekindağ'ın Seda. Galatasaray and Besiktas Adana Ceyhan Belediyespor'da then played basketball with a national Tekindağ'ın brain edema occurred in a car accident last year, came back and forth between life and death the words of doctors in 37 days. Can not move out of a coma and could not speak when. The summit of his career, he could not accept such a bad accident a long time to come alone, had a terrible day. Life for him was not different from that of a newborn bebeğinkinden. Over time, acknowledged what happened and clung to life. Tekindağ especially with the help of his mother before the speech, and then he learned to act.

Although over the years have passed since the accident yet, we visited the house of Tekindağ'ı recovering, albeit slowly. Fine basketball player, meet us at the door with the help of his mother had a smile on his face enormous. Tekindağ not lose anything with the beauty of basketball career, talked about his accident and now lives ...


Not yet 12 years old is 1.75 tall Tekindağ, on the advice of his friends started basketball Galatasaray, explains: "It's my second home. I learned everything there is about basketball. Too many years I served my club. Then I played for a while Besiktas. Again I went back to Galatasaray. Another year I was transferred here after playing Belediyespor'a Adana Ceyhan. Basketbolcuydum successful. He basketball life is over after the accident. "

The biggest lesson of his life, indicating that a motor vehicle accident Tekindağ, says that experience is a miracle. During his career, explaining that a successful player Tekindağ "Antrenmanlarımız long and tiring but we kopmuyorduk life. Constantly traveling with my friends, doing the shopping. I always had the most high, I'm down the bottom after the accident. Looking for an average life of the thing, "he says and adds:" I opened my eyes basketball. I know that is not busy doing something else. Maybe you can coach or manager. Because now oynayamayacağım basketball. "

I'll go to matches

Tekindağ accident while training for describing what "the night before my boyfriend and I attended a nişana. Everyone is staring right at me, saying I was too nice. Worth it if you ask me the evil eye. We started the morning with my boyfriend, I would leave training. On the way to a truck crash. My friend was injured, I've been komalık. In my brain swelling occurred, even live with a miracle, "he says. The support of the trauma of his mother and his colleagues emphasize that atlattığını successful basketball player: "Time and again I wanted to die. I love my mother and nephews connected to life. My friends never leave alone. Often they come to visit, have dinner out. We will start to go to basketball games in the month ahead. I'm leaving that alone gave me so many years of labor ... Komadayken 'What do you need some said do not go around now. Halimi, even sormuyorlar hatırımı. I had hard times, who next to me at this time, who've not seen. Even my boyfriend uses the car during the accident has left me. "

I thought to cope

MOTHER Birsen Tekindağ, completely ending his career in basketball's national basketball player ever next to the traffic accident happened. Stating that the hope of never yitirmediğini Birsen Hanim "Seda said to have spent a little discomfort. I got up and went to Adana. In front of the hospital was full of cars, "he says:" Friends were there "Seda where?" He said when I asked what the accident boyfriend. At that moment the world stopped for me. The right side of his face when I saw Seda swollen, purple eyes, the mouth of the spout, the two sides give the nose the air, that is, a state can not be described. He saw the form of "Seda morning, dead-end 'I said. He donated it to me. "

Doctor 'Seda'ya you'll look like a baby looks. Re-teach everything, 'said the mother Tekindağ stating "It's very ambitious. Six days a week is going to physical therapy and rehabilitation center. God willing, will have former health, "he says.

GS BJK nor support what was

SEDA Tekindağ, remained in a coma for days, despite the determination to live and play a match against the winner of seven prayers to life. Besiktas president Yildirim Demirören'in Club, "Seda our players. Stand behind the material and spiritual. We are ready to do whatever is necessary "after the words of the mothers did not even visit Tekindağ Seda said:" I read the words of Adana'dayken Demirören'in. Adana Ceyhan all costs were met by the Club, saying I 'The next process is the process of rehabilitation sizlerinde' I said. No one asked me to call. What we have seen support for the federation nor the Galatasaray club grow. "

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