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Saturday, January 8, 2011

How to play man himself zormuş

'Jackpot' taking a step into the comedy game with the theater scene in the famous televizyoncu Gift Cagle, said first stake: "Text and Nevra Serezli pair, before I say oynamayacağımı assured me. Then he confessed in the theater is the most difficult thing to play itself. So kazıklandım! "

Combining text with the theater, this joke Çağlayan Serezli responded as follows: "The game is supposed to be a genuine television star. Armağan'ın to join us was really a great chance. I do not intend to leave. Television is losing a star but a star in the theater is gaining. "Text Serezli, Pelin Ermis, starring Suzanne Al and Yilmaz Sütçü'nün 'Jackpot', the day before the curtain opened for the first time.

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