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Thursday, January 6, 2011

His first novel, 173 years after the Turkish

Literature among the best in the world of English writer Charles Dickens' first novel,''Mister Pickwick'in Showing Adventures''173 years later translated into Turkish.

Shown among the best in the world of literature's first novel, British author Charles Dickens, "Adventures of Mister Pickwick'in" 173 years later translated into Turkish.

Turkish edebiyatseverlerin "David Copperfield," "Oliver Twist" as recognized by the works of Dickens, the first novel "The Adventures of Mister Pickwick'in with" countries had won great fame and money.

Charles Dickens was born in 1812, civil servants will have to work from the age of 11 entered his father's imprisonment. Dickens, next to a lawyer trying to learn shorthand, 23 years old as a stenographer in a newspaper enters, and "Boz" sketches begin publishing under the pseudonym.

Collected and published in a book much admired by the People's sketches of the famous writer and poet, is working on for two years, "Mister Pickwicks'in Adventures" also yayımlatır novel. Began writing the novel in 1836, twenty-four years old, no one knew very little of a young writer, Charles Dickens, the UK's most popular finishes, will be one of the most widely read writers of fiction.

Dickens'a fame who died in 1870 at the height of fame and money in this novel, which opened its doors, the upper layers of the society up to that period, focusing on people and extraordinary items of different types of fiction that often appears.

Mister Pickwick and 3 of those described in the beginning of a journey to their friend's novel, under the command of a variety of places, persons subject to the heroes of browsing etmesiyle, by some writers "pikaresk novel type" is considered.

Pickwick'le Samuel Pickwick Club, the founder of the so-called three friends from London in order to make scientific observations Based on the location of Britain's most circulated and met with many people, the novel begins, these kinds of events from the lives of four friends will continue to anlatılmasıyla. By the end of the novel, villages, towns, inns, court rooms and the people of the 19th drawn to his sense of humor at the beginning of century England, a statement of community emerges.

The tenth section of the novel, quick-witted, "Sam Weller" character of the novel as pure and idealistic Mister Pickwick'in inclusion of a special servant of the work by critics Cervantes's "Don Quixote" Don Quixote and Sancho Panza duo benzetilmesine novel causes.

Published as a serialized novel in the UK before the main concern, the country's different regions and on the people living there and collected.

Classical Works from Yapi Kredi Publications Kazim Tashkent from a series of "Adventures of Mister Pickwick'in", translated into our language by Solitaire Agaoglu.

906-page work on sale from £ 65.

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