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Monday, January 10, 2011

Hayde Bre

* Original Title Hayde Bre
* Genre Drama
* Director Orhan Oguz
* Scenario Orhan Oguz
* Built 2010 ~ Turkey
* Players Ertan Saban, Ilker İnanoğlu, Lily Açıkalın, Lura Ahmeti, Ayberk Koçar, Abdul Rahman, the Moon Natural Vardar, almond Water Vardar, Mustafa Yasar, Sister Suzanne, Sevket Emrulla

Saban spent his life happily in the Balkans war, life in Istanbul with the step-daughter of the Aga Saadet'in life intersect in unexpected ways.

Felix, goes to Macedonia for his son's circumcision, wife of the deceased Aga Shaban brings to Istanbul. Shaban Aga can not adapt to city life, is constantly thinking about guests, wants to return to the old life.

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