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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011 Click on the Google Christmas logo (custom logo)

Happy New Year! Google this celebration! Logo changed the world giant "Happy New Year" logo fills the eye. Yes, Happy New Year!

MMXI of 2011, writing with roman numerals. Google logo "new year" changed to. The world's largest search engine Google, put the home page of "Happy New Year" with the logo of Turkey is celebrating the new year.


Farewell to the year 2010 whether, by 2011, today we say welcome to the Google, "Happy New Year," he changed Doodle'ı search page.

Google.com.tr site into Google's users, Google has changed and instead of the Google logo "GMMXle" actually realized. It features pictures of the fireworks when you point to the logo, "Happy New Year" with the message you clicked on the face and about the sentence (Happy New Year) will reach the closest results.

Happy New Year logo


In these days of 2011 are met, this application made by Google, the internet users thoroughly air of Christmas is launched.

World giant Google is striking again with logos prepared for Christmas. Google sites all over the world prepared for the creative logos görsellerden occurs.

Google web site, with work on specific days of specific users in the entire country to win the hearts knows. Google, the anniversary of Ataturk's death placed on pages with rose, Cahit Arf and famous names such as Mehmet Akif Ersoy birthday drew Doodle'lar comes across with the site users.


2011 arrived. The whole world was wrapped mobile phones. Of course Turkey ... The arrival of Christmas, even for mobile phone and internet users the opportunity to send their loved ones a new year messages.

We wish a happy birthday in advance ...

In the new year, keep his life, love, miss, if only to avoid falling apart multiplied by two this time ... And time to perform them yourself ... Happy birthday!

The source of life is love, love, passion, passion, purpose, goal paylaşmaksa something to someone, to share friendship, if friendship hatırlamaksa always mind! Further consolidation of friendship in the new year and many more happy years dileğimle be eternal!

Lovely compositions will feel in your heart rhythms, ümitlerinizin pekişeceği friendships, never bitmeyeceği smile, love, peace and peace in a year full of hope ...

Happiness is the love bank branch, account number 2011, 365 more days hospitalized. Wishing you a happy way to spend. Happy birthday ...

Brotherhood was born, the junction of love, perhaps still, perhaps tired, yet happy, yet hopeful, yet full of love many years!

Happy New Year!

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