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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Great warning came RTÜK Century

Radio and Television Supreme Council at its meeting today that is causing controversy, "Great Century" series laid on the table.

RTUK experts, the report prepared by the array, RTUK Act 4 item "e" in paragraph, "The broadcasts national and moral values of society and the Turkish family structure is not inconsistent with the principle of" reverse fell.
The statement was recorded as follows:
"As a result of the evaluations, the number of Law No. 4 3984 film Article 'olmaması'na of publications contrary to the national and moral values of society (e) of paragraph, a date has cost about personalities privacy is violated by the required accuracy and the broadcaster gösterilmemek Law No. 33 of 3984 In accordance with Article stimulation has been decided.
Law No. 33 of 3984 According to the Executive Committee, to fulfill their obligations, in violation of permit conditions, specified in this law and other principles contrary to the principles of broadcasting of private radio and television broadcasting in the same broadcasting organizations want to apologize to the open zone. "
In case of repeated non-compliance or violation of this demand, which is the subject of infringing activity of the program broadcast, from 1 to 12 times to stop the expression of the statement, such as related to the program notes that many complaints come from the date of 11 December 2010 were reported. Requested the abolition of the program broadcast a statement stated complaints in general, but to intervene before the release of the RTÜK programs or lack of consent to remove broadcast programs is emphasized.
9-month period of 2010 notes that 64 thousand 664 citizens when reporting only the "Great Century" series on December 11 to January 6 was held on 74 thousand 911 complaints.

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