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Monday, January 3, 2011

Grand Final

Tolga Karel Leaf Dökümü'nde viewers will say goodbye to his mouth has missed the final cut

Rating record holder Zeitgeist farewell this evening. Tolga Karel, missed the final cut from the mouth: The audience will be surprised at Layla and Oğuz'a too.

4.5 years, marked by the screen legend of the series broke ratings rekorlarıyla Zeitgeist, this evening Channel D screens is preparing to bid farewell to a great finale. Resat Nuri Güntekin 174-part adaptation of the immortal work of 'Zeitgeist' and the final number of players spoke about the series on:


* Leaf Dökümü'nün my life before and after he can devote to two. My spot was out and no longer had a chance to express diyebilirim.Kendimi everyone to know me.

* Be a family, be a brother, a sister to be. Mirror array, we took them.

* One of those moments I will never forget the scene from the house out from under wedding dress.

* Zeitgeist was a means to something important, now more quality work done. Given that labor was really, care is shown, and of course success is inevitable when the right people together. The biggest example of Zeitgeist here ...

Tolga KAREL (Alex):

* Zeitgeist the fact that life outside the array. The collapse of a family who came to Istanbul.

* Shot is performing a very big moment for me roldü. At the same time I've suffered a lot.

* Everyone will be happy to have prepared a final section. We cried a lot when the final part. Zeitgeist fans prepare this evening handkerchiefs.

* Leyla Oguz final scene will surprise most viewers.

Bennu Thunderbolts: People upset, joyful at the same time the final will be a surprise.

Trust Hokna: According to the book is a melodrama in the final there. I'd prefer not to say to the audience şartlanmaması.

Deniz Cakir: Final scenario so shocking that I have read crying. A turning point in the event the whole family will live there too surprising.

Fahrenheit Evcen: Very surprising and will be a final heavy. This time we will increase the dose a little more, we will open the tap a little more. Did not challenge any player crying during the final shots. For my own part I can say that I cried very easily.

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