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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Görmemişin was the son of

Elton John and his wife of 65 years old father opened his mouth pouch for babies

65-year-old father of the famous singer Elton John, and thanks to mother taşıcıyı director husband, David Furnish in a lump to his sons spent 87 thousand. The couple even took their babies pacifiers diamond.

65-year-old father through surrogate mother of the wife of British singer Elton John and Canadian filmmaker David Furnish (49) their son Zachary was born on Christmas day money spent Levon'a Jackson knows no limits. Sons of the famous singer in Los Angeles, 1.3 million pounds (3 million 114 thousand TL) in the value of apartment, accompanied by two nanny grows double, a pen of 35 thousand pounds sterling (87 thousand 500 TL) spent.

Two sons, according to the news in the British Daily Mail newspaper of the products for babies received the most pahalısından. Following the grant of John and Furnish allow gay marriages in the UK in 2005, married. HIV-positive in Ukraine last year, John-Furnish the pair wanted to adopt a baby, but legal obstacles implanted in these requests. So the two carriers have a baby that the mother had been $ 1 million. 65-year-old father, Elton John's "I'm very proud and happy to have a child. Can look to a child, I did not know at all, but David was able to change my mind, "he said

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