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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Gold was the king of the Year, the dollar crept places

Return of 2010 champion, was gold. Ounce of gold price in international markets inside the Republican record on the record-breaking 500 pounds are based on the price of Altını'nın caused. ISE 21 percent return, followed by gold. Was limited to between 4 percent return on the dollar this year.

EYES of the European Union (EU) countries is the problem of debt in 2010, investment in gold in the world and in Turkey as a means of providing the highest return was marked by year. At the end of year return, 32.95 percent of those who invest in Turkey, with the bottom at Christmas, while 20.71 percent of the second order 'le Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE) took place. ISE total 386.6 billion pounds at the end of 2010 was signed in size.

European crisis

Since the second half of 2008, the weight of the world surrounding the economic crisis on the European countries fell last year. Greece's debt crisis in the first months of the year, concerns for the world like a domino devrilirken exchanges, the dollar began to gain value in international markets. During this period, over $ 1000 an ounce of gold in the course of the sürdürdü./_np/3081/12333081.jpg
Monitoring developments in international markets during the year 2010 in the Turkish currency and capital markets, investors can not obtain high yields has been a year. Stock Exchange, foreign exchange, deposits, investment funds, according to the returns of investment instruments, such as 2010, a year in Turkey, under the investment of those who laugh in the face of the records has passed. Examined the course of investment instruments in 2010 appeared a table like this:

An ounce of gold surpassed 1400 dollars

Psychological boundary in international markets in 2009 with more than $ 1000 gold ounce price attracts attention all over the world. Year 1100 starts on the dollar price of gold ounces in the second half of the year 1250 has exceeded the dollar. Ounce gold price and world economies, the rise of the insecurity stemmed from the depreciation of the dollar. In the last days of the year by continuing to break the record on a record gold traded over U.S. $ 1400.

Republican endured 500 TL

Rise in the price of gold prices in ounces of gold in international markets, a rapid ascent brought inside. Altını'nın a Republican to the most preferred investment return was 32.67 percent at the end of the year. In 2009 the level of 355 pounds 472.00 pounds on the last day of the year completed the closing price of the Republican Altını'nın did. So at Christmas, 3,295 percent return on the Republican end of the year for gold investors pocketed area.

Dollar investor upset

Turkish investors for years, 'return' is mentioned in the foreign currency investment vehicle first comes to mind in 2010 did not satisfy investor. Investors and exporters in the 'low level' of dollars the year before it finds moved between 1.45-1.60 pounds. However, rumors in the international markets with the euro fell to levels of $ 1.20 against the euro dollar depreciation of the dollar in Turkey led to rapid ascent. Thus, the level of $ 1.60 exceeded the pounds. Then the European Central Bank steps in risk appetite and movement in favor of the stronger euro dollar parity with the euro referendum held on Sept. .12, then 1.5510 pounds of U.S. $ 1.30 lira dropped 3.8 percent return investors led by completing the level.

How the market is waiting for a 2011 stock market above the arrow direction

ISE National 100 Index is expected in 2011 will move upward. A wavy course of the year 2011 all of the experts expressed the weight would be around 17-20 per cent of the Istanbul Stock Exchange calculates a return in the future on the agenda.
Interest 'dip'te browsing
Central Bank interest rate cut in the first quarter than a year pending the markets, interest rates on bond on the bottom levels is expected to continue.
The effect of foreign currency parity
TL is also a strong position in the foreign exchange market will continue to account.
Under the rise in 2011 is expected to continue. According to calculations, observed in sales during the year reported profit.

Interest, per cent 7:05 I saw

LAST year of completion of the Central Bank interest rate cut in the first quarter of this year, with the expectation of future interest rate than a new discount on the closing level was the lowest. Indicative of bills in the last trading day 7:05 until resolved, the day of the year and 7:08 't shut down.

Stock Exchange, ended the year 2010 with $ 297.8 billion
/ _np/3083/12333083.jpg
PREVIOUS year return rate of 97 percent of the champions in Turkey, which ranks 4th in the world Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE), in 2010, followed a fluctuating course.
Under the influence of international developments in the ISE National 100 Index had a year, starting in 2010 has made 55,526 points. Exchanges with the world turned upside down because of Greece's debt problem in the ISE National 100 Endeks'i ratings were down to 48 thousand.
After entering the stock market into a recovery effort was the rise to the level of 60 thousand points. However, the Constitutional amendment in a referendum held for the 'yes' will come out with the expectation that the stock market turned upward direction from the end of August.
The referendum held on 12 September after the stock market in November, and this period has exceeded 71 thousand points of return on the stock market has exceeded 30s.
However, the negative impact on the performance of European countries, the stock market and worries about the debt problem. Spain, Portugal and Ireland as countries' economic dead-end of the last two months of the year on fears that declining risk appetite and the Istanbul Stock Exchange had lost value.
In December, the ISE National 100 Index dropped to the level of 62 thousand points, the last trading day of the year, completed the 66,004 points. Thus, the annual return on the stock market at 24 percent Was 94. The total market value of the stock market in the 460.2 billion (297.8 billion U.S. dollars) reached.

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