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Monday, January 10, 2011

GALLERY confluence of religious ceremony

Catholic Christians in the Philippines capital, Manila, organized every year by 'Black Nazerana' at this year's religious ceremony was the scene of intense interest.

At least 560 people were injured yesterday during ceremonies in the izdihamlarda.

Authorities great many people, the danger of crushing atlattığını, injured removed to hospitals in the city reported a variety of. 'Black Nazerana' ceremonies, by God onurlandırılacaklarına Filipinos who believe, as symbolic of trying to touch a sculpture placed. The people are hoping to bring this statue to touch them success in their lives.

Yesterday thousands of Filipinos, the streets of Manila, met with the local ceremony. Strive to touch the statue for the Filipinos, led to the formation of a large concourse. Last year, at a ceremony also injured hundreds of people, 2 people were killed.

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