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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The first love bomb!

Sultanını finally found the hearts of Elvis Presley!

Eastern, 5 months, the music video by Teoman crumbs Love singer Sarah Nile Cameron'la love playing live.

His mother introduced him
The famous singer Elvis Presley, for the sake of Rome, found the light a beauty! The heart has been empty for 5 months is too long Doğulu, Teoman, 'Love crumbs' beautiful duet song by singer Sarah experienced love Cameron'la Nile emerged. Tin pan alley 25-year-old lover in the famous 37 year old Cameron introduced his family.

Elvis Presley met with journalists to get caught up on the Asian side of Istanbul, Sarah Nile also learned that Cameron often goes abroad on holiday. Doğulu said he feels ready for marriage, the daughter of an American father and a Turkish mother Cameron'la marriage relationship was alleged in the table go.

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