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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Finished film, going through papers, but no steps!

Krek Theater last spectacle: 'Fine Things Our Party'

Krek Theater last spectacle 'Fine Things Our Party' running out of this replikle. Berkun Oya subject matter fine-tuning to throw a party point of view, we have a taste of the game has done theater izleklerine again ...

2011, a game of who will adrenaline doping. (In the meantime, e-mail Kutuma falling, "where are you?" Those who say;-consuming-and I'm busy exploring, döküleceğim somehow from there. ... That's the first discovery route) route over that last week's exciting ... "Op'la Zo'nun Drum", "Fire Prayer "and" Flag "havsalada games such as" This is the "top of the red pen has shot Berkun Oya'nın recent spectacle of" Good Things Our Party for "Tiyatrosu'ndaydım Santralistanbul'daki Krek. Oya'nın written and directed by Berkun, the game's producer Ceren Göknel April, while the design of light Cem Yilmazer undertaken.

(Berkun Oya and Ali Atay, 1999, Theatre Group, have launched a new venues Krek'te Krek, shout düşülesi agenda between games, "Hoop Head Gone" and "bomb" there! Tamirane comfortable seats after the game spread, with delicious flavors, two story break waist.) brings another dimension to the theater a terrifying syllabus still waiting for Oya'dan Berkun believe that the master had done it again, this season's "best" s in a game between the "Good Things Our Party." Today, "party" or "disposal" of a cohesive state that we consider to be legends on the manifest, Oya'nın "Good Things Our Party" sub-text of the description there is for good reading. Tarafsızlığınızın you look at the sides or squeeze taraflılığınızın also need to see the moisture.

We understand that the headphones on the door of the theater, this time the door to another realm aralayacağız. Encounter when we entered inside a akvaryumla. Players behind a single piece of glass, in our ear headphones. A modern apartment Suite only. The two lovers, and Tulin Ozen Küçükçağlayan Bart enters, he pushed open the door lock broken. Room thief entered the home darmadağan ... but have not taken anything away from home. In them haste, those of us who want to know is the ceiling. Questions revolving around an old camera in the event we understand that when you carry a peak like that, this couple actually lives in this room darmadağan darmadağan. (Women and men in another head once again, we see the same sky şereflendirdiğini underline that this is deja-vu, saying even if a little sad, we laugh ... we all love is this happening in modern times; soon forget. In living, not watching the funny thing is, but let's admit that.) Headphones We are very clear, even the slightest sound in the game thanks to the woman's hair okşamasını man, lift your voice, the voice key chain fell down while collecting the scattered books, alışlarını breath. We are all in the sahnedeymişçesine kulağımızda, such as a movie theater ... Here we are full so calm while watching the game even though inhabitants; "thud" noise that rises and other rooms, a bleeding head, with a hand-knife out of a young Ali Ozan Çelik. Then I took a hat category of acting-stance consistently respects, we understand that her boyfriend is sex-story Karayel Ayse. (We do not see your face, appears briefly on stage Aysegul, the second coming of questions of great mortal purgatory (the host), Orhan (Bart Küçükçağlayan) hurts a lot. He always taraftakileri Orhan dismissive nature of some courses, this collar jobs in the photograph is actually not different çektiriyor.)
Berkun Oya, a place difficult to be objective we odaklatıyor themes: "Cowards crime to love the country, lovers captive. Two different pair, four different people, one a victim. Love, morality, freedom and the cost. "

Does the good things you do not know on that side, but you're ready to pay the price, this way you will receive your share of nasibinizi falling. You can be sure. What say the moment, our hero trying to figure out that by the end of Orhan Ayşegül'e In the words of the structure, "the finished film, going through papers, but do not step ..." For Reservations: (212 311 78 24)

★ ★ ★

WE NOTE calendar!
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