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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Eurovision song tempo and English

This year, 56 'sI will represent Turkey in Eurovision Song Contest will be held in' High Fidelity ', began preparations for the English song. TRT is one of three songs chosen by the group besteleyeceği will be announced in February

Turkey in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 to be held in Düsseldorf 'High Fidelity' group to represent. One of three English songs prepared for the competition to be selected by the TRT group, began to prepare. Kenan Vural group's lead singer, guitarist, Serkan Ozgen, bass guitarist and drummer Alpay Kutlu Özmakinacı Şalt'ı, the excitement surrounding the world's most famous music contest case.


'High Fidelity' group's founder and bass guitarist Özmakinacı Happy, Eurovision countries could influence political attitudes, but the result is always the first to feature songs called 'a good composition', he said. Therefore, leaving aside other elements of the first of their 'good song' intended to write expressing Özmakinacı, "after writing a good song backwards, as a group sergileyeceğimiz stage performance and 'good representation' remains," he said.

TRT's decision to participate in the competition before Christmas after they received the bid noted Özmakinacı Kutlu, competing in Eurovision as a result of their assessments in English from the works of those considered to be lucky than others, said they had reached. "The song is English, the degree increases," said 'High Fidelity' founder, "For this reason, our decision was that the British song. But the song also will be available in the motifs that reflect our country's musical identity," he said.


Kenan Vural lead singer of the group, the most important issue concerning them is able to represent Turkey at Eurovision stressed that the best way. Vural, for the job 'High Sadakat'in being elected, said he believed that land values have a role in their respect. Atacaklarını signature song for the contest, putting in a paced, group members will represent Turkey at Eurovision TRT chooses compositions that they were proud to be noted.

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