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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ece seek vengeance!

Ece Early, court Demet Akalın is very upset!

Leader of Fine allocated server Akalın'dan doing matchmaking between Bekensir'le Yeliz Sar.

Ece Mehmet Ali Erbil mobile phone Erken'in his "wives toll on me She salıyorsun" message learning Demet Akalin, and looked out to the court hurriedly. Melt the ice between the two famous spoken for days after this incident does not know. Calendar according to the news, and Ece Demet Akalin Erken'den early war came a new attack.

Yeliz praised
Celebrity server, Demet Akalın recently left her boyfriend's close friend Bekensir'le Yeliz Leader moved to between the SAR. Bekesir'e twitter to post early, Yeliz epilepsy with ICMP praise his friend of 10 years, he said.

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