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Monday, January 10, 2011

Divorce proceedings 'to custody' battle

I used the hearings to get custody of their parents almost fighting, the situation has changed now. Economic conditions and more freedom outweighs the desire to

Divorce proceedings "freedom" period ... Divorced parents, "inhibit freedom" against the party began to give custody of their children on the grounds. Lawyers and sociologists, "Pre-divorced parents to take custody of the children savaşırdı. Now we are scrambling to give the other party," he says. Divorce cases in Turkey, as well as all over the world is increasing every year. Family Court opened in 2010 in Izmir from 13 different 15 thousand 908 thousand for a divorce case was 7. Especially in the last 8 years, 13 different Family Courts in the cases established his head, pulled the divorce proceedings. Divorce, custody and child support cases, watching the couples at the beginning of the reasons for divorce, irretrievable breakdown of marriage, not getting along spiritually and mentally, was beaten and deception.

Custody wanted
While divorce rates rise in the number of litigation cases started to undergo changes in content. Ugur Montenegro Izmir Bar Association lawyer for 17 years, the big bang there were cases of divorce, the most important reason for the growing economic crisis has created severe discord, he said. Attorney Montenegro, the cases also has changed the content of expressions used by specifying the following: "Recently, the understanding of child custody in divorce have changed. Previously, to get custody of the child's mother and father filed a case against now in the custody of the child to take over the case began to open. Parents, take custody of the children in advance almost fighting for the trials. Now we are seeing many examples to the other side trying to give children of divorced couples, "he said.

Attorney Montenegro, as the cause of this condition also showed a shortage of income. Montenegro, arguing that children's freedom is seen as an obstacle, "the former spouses, children began to see as an obstacle to economic and social freedoms. For this reason, the installation of responsibility to each other about child custody, trying not to take responsibility for themselves. Proceedings in this direction, use the demands. It is possible to give quantitative data about Of course not. But an interesting detail about the content of lawsuits and the hearing rooms of the courthouse corridors often encounter a situation, "he said.

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