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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Divorce Cases Explosion!

In recent years because of rising unemployment and economic hardship in TURKEY, Izmir from 13 different cases in Family Court last year's drop of 15 thousand 908 for 7 to take the divorce, he noted. Social Security Institution (SSI) due to tight control of the increase before the big decline in the divorce to be formally specified.

Law Courts of First Instance before the divorce proceedings, after 2002, began to open up family courts. Izmir, especially in the last nine years, drew 13 different Family Courts in divorce cases in his head. These lawsuits, custody and child support disputes followed. Divorce proceedings by looking at the couples along well most of the causes of economic distress, spiritually and mentally be at variance with, beaten and turned out to deceive.


Izmir judiciary of 13 family court, opened in 2010, looked at the case of 15 thousand 908. Family courts, in 2010 looked at when deciding cases 713'ünde 10 thousand, 5 thousand 195 files handed over by 2011. In previous years in the big bang, according to the deceased mother and father divorced couples formality to get pension, the Social Security Agency was found to decrease as a result of strict monitoring. On a separate law, the court of first instance, the case was opened in 2010, 6 thousand 500. Courts, in 2009, looked at the case from the devirlerle emerged with thousands of 200. While cases of first instance civil courts for compensation in the suits the first place, this land registration, expropriation, and the population was followed by cancellation proceedings. Civil Courts, new year, the case entered the 5 thousand 500.

CHILD Custody do not want to

Izmir Bar Association for 17 years as a lawyer Ugur Montenegro, urban areas, compared with previous years there were divorce proceedings said the big bang. Ugur Attorney Montenegro said:

'Open 100 50 divorce case. The most important reason for divorce, irretrievable breakdown of marriage ekenomik increased with the crisis. Recently, the understanding of child custody in divorce have changed. Previously, to get custody of the child filed a case against the mother and father, now in the custody of the child to take over the case began to open. "

Match up the family courts lawsuits, explaining the trial five days a week and Montenegro said:

'A few years ago in Izmir, Family Court found seven, reached 13 today, multiplying. Despite the increase in the number of court are still experiencing a great intensity. Boşanmalardaki began to fall behind the increase in 13 family court. As long as couples continue to divorce are experiencing economic hardship. Seven out of 10 divorce case opened. A court, an average drop of 2 thousand to 2 thousand 500 years, looking at the file. One day, as the court between 30 and 40, looking at the cause of divorce and alimony. The biggest factor in divorce economic hardship. The staff at the lack of functioning of justice leads to late. These are recovered, as long as the number of files increases every year. "

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