Monday, January 3, 2011


Directed by Umit Unal, Information at the University of "porn" on the determination of incident "nemalanıyor incident," said Cuneyt Ozdemir criticized the harsh expressions.


information about uni scandal

I think the movie is crap in the University of Cyprus information. a few in the course, of course.

"I will test the limits of academic freedom by pulling the school within the adult," said a further retarded filtering; televole educated culture, "everything is Permitted to introduce himself," the ad better not worse, "convinced the principles, such as trying to draw attention to a child broke a huge school.

absurd basis for discussion:

one does not say that every movie in which nudity or sexual intercourse is not porn. now coming to my mind, for example, "Antichrist" is not porn, "intimacy" is not porn, "Querelle" is not porn.

one does not say that, "freedom has nothing to do porn, porn itself is a commercial world. drug trafficking or prostitution, such as. çekeceksen a sex scene pregnant porn shoot, but it does not place diyeceksen here."

no one does not say that, "my son in an underground porn industry, not yours anymore, you pull your weight behind you watching?" I took the director's porn poor /'ll say, "drug trafficking in school will say" three persons and the canteen to offer something like reefer.

but he says, adult says, professors argued, etc., he says. academic freedom, etc., etc. testing. a stone thrown into the well is so.

Move between çıkaramayanlar everyone: the naive artist, drafts, bad wolf, journalists, police, secret camera, tension, tragedy ...

big debate on the political stage is based on örtsün how everything came to a head of hair of women in climate, poor men and women lived an incredible sexuality, sexual hypocrisy citizens of this paradise is his ceiling, especially the activities of the Armenian conference, etc. "liberal" has shown that a university is a place in this event happens. .. Press the button and seyreyleyin gümbürtüyü.

"Director" is child interviews, interview the journalist, "the discussion would create" a matter of finding şehvetiyle honey and blood dripping from the pen. bored a columnist, "Oh, this private universities" teranesiyle giydiriyor purposed.

school results are prosecuted. Shutting down the school's visual communications department. hand placed on their computers. three are included in the section head coach fired.

purposed wearing head trader columnist special site "I find that film, you will publish," he says. sent to him in the movie. on Twitter "azzz then," he duyruluyor.

this columnist as "successful" country that "I took porn," he is not a crime to work to attract attention. stupid yes, but this 24 year old student n'apsın? Examples of successful "role model" s in the middle, they just ... özeniyor

There are caring people, who do not like there, but the information interesting and successful school and university. first sale of a foreign partner, then shaken with restructuring. finally, this event struck a real blow.

The tragic thing is, all the people who matter to the future instead of teachers, will be the people living in the shadow of fear, the king will be more royalist and always will be a with a self-censorship.

or something like that would not be in an environment of art education.

information, such as a successful school, became a victim of the system. cut a fine school.

a cleaning operation may also be happening in the school's new partners. but it seems to me that the government is setting an area deemed more yeşillendiğini. a loser for that use porn as a means morno hezeyanlarını.

where in every way you look, you'd know where a story is stinking.

but as I said, this story is a good movie. "Burn After Reading" is a mixed border is a stupid movie like everyone's head. this dear country's state-i is a tragicomic movie about pure melalini.

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