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Friday, January 7, 2011

Did heNaz is not open just a little?

Ozcan Deniz, "What Then" Naz Elmas involved in the boat scene in the movie wears jersey 'so sexy' found. Then Diamond, shooting wearing a jersey blouse on the net continued.

BEHIND THE CAMERA OR AFTER the movie to the images and movies SQUARES

Özcan Deniz, on February 25 will be released movie "What Next", the "June Night" series-starring role in a close friend gave Naz Elmas. Elmas çekimlerdeki very pleased with the performance of the Sea, "this film without the pull the Naz. Gave the right of the Role of spectacular, "he said. Beach, Elmas jersey worn on the boat scenes captured 'more open' to find confessed: "Naz has put on a jersey, everyone's eyes popping out on set! Mayoydu very sexy and very yakışmıştı Naz'a. We found a little open, but there was nothing to it. Besides there is another bathing suit for the shots the way it is completed. Naz, wore a blouse of some scenes, the problem has disappeared. "

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