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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Democracy in the country there

Director: Solomon Nebiyou
Cast: Mujdat Wandering, Ilker discrete, Nejat Birecik, Gulcin Santırcıoğlu, Sumer Tilmaç, Tamer Montenegro, Safak Sezer

Screenwriter: Solomon Nebiyou
Cinematographer: Mustafa Kuscu
Editor: Mehdi Tanriverdi
Music: UMP
Art Director: Esra Çetinkanat
Producer: Mustafa Uslu
Length: 95 min.
Production: Digital Art, Neo - Turkey (2010)
Distributor: UIP

... in a village coffee house in Istanbul in 1960 forced astırılan Country Front plate, when the May 27 coup, the military for fear of coffee thrown on the roof. That plate, a madman obsessed with democracy Baradan (Mujdat Wandering) falls on his head. Mad love to former prime minister Adnan Menderes and imagination (Ellis Kolukısa) sees. Meander from him, he wants to save Yassıada. Baradan After this incident, to kidnap the head wears Menderes. Martial Law has collected all the weapons of a plan for the unimaginable. Baradan, 100 thousand matches, and will locate and bomb a submarine passage through the bomb detonated Yassıada recover Menderes. In the meantime, soldiers assigned to the village with extension (Ilker Discrete), when informed of the plan Baradan madman pursues. Baradan 100 thousand in the match to complete the works.

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