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Monday, January 10, 2011

Delicatessen bloody knife fight is over

Istanbul Pendik deli staff, customer Ozay Alhan (38) from the bloody fighting is over. Deli employees stabbed by Ozay Alhan, died at the scene. Western District at about 22:00 pm on April 23rd Street, Fisher Street from Orhan Şarküteri'ye with Ozay Alhan discussion among the employees was not yet an unknown reason. The fight of the debate on growth, Ozay Alhan stabbed. To get rid of him beating out Ozay Alhan died. Police teams, working in delicatessen Job Robert K. (20) and E.Ö. 'surface (17) were detained. E.Ö. suspects 17 years has established itself Alhan'ı bıçakladığını said Ozay said. Ozay died in that fight Alhan'ın, criminal record cited to be a large number of police, local residents, living in their neighborhoods for 30 years suggested that chronic alcohol Alhan'ın.

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